Friday, March 30, 2018

Angela Sauer to Star in Sci-Fi Feature Quantum Theory

 8 Sided Films proudly announces the attachment of celebrated actor Angela Sauer in their upcoming science-fiction heist movie Quantum Theory. Playing the part of mad scientist and inventor Dr. Chelsea Barrington, Sauer assumes the film's leading role opposite co-star Elinor Gunn as Barrington's pragmatic partner in research Dr. Gertrude "Roe" Monroe. "I can't think of another hard science fiction film with female co-leads, and I'm honored to be playing one of them," explains Sauer. "It's wonderful to see the contrast between these two women, proving that there isn't just one generic type of 'strong female character' as Hollywood so often leads us to believe."

In Quantum Theory, Dr. Barrington and Dr. Monroe build a prototype with the power to alter reality itself. When a sinister defense contractor steals the device, only Chelsea and Roe can save humanity and reality itself from a dark, totalitarian future. Director Tennyson E. Stead clarifies the film's casting: "Very few actors are deft enough to force Elinor Gunn to keep up, and that's what our leading lady has to do. Beyond this, Angela Sauer brings a sense of mad science to the script that makes the film far more dangerous and fun than even we knew it was. We're lucky to have her!"

Angela Sauer is a working commercial actor, and a constant presence in the thriving Los Angeles classical theater scene. Director Tennyson E. Stead is a founding member of 8 Sided Films, and most recently the writer and director of the first season of the company's Cold War science-fiction webseries, Declassified. 8 Sided Films is a repertory film company, built on an ensemble approach to excellence in filmmaking and strength in community-building.

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