Saturday, March 10, 2018

Could Shudan Wang be the Next "Bond Girl?"

Shudan Wang is one of the most extraordinary talents I have ever seen in our industry," multiple award-winning producer-director-writer-actor Raymond Forchion shared enthusiastically.

"She's a wonderful, unique actress and a very gifted martial artist," added celebrity producer-writer Barney Cohen. "Have you seen her videos?  She's mastered more martial arts weapons than I knew existed . . . This actress is well on her way to becoming a major star, a household name.  Shudan is unequalled.  She has mastered at least a dozen disciplines – a concert pianist at age five, a tremendously gifted martial artist, a brilliant actress, a beautiful person and so much more."

Feature film producer Donald F. Glut, the man who wrote the "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" novel and President of Pecosborn Productions, has been active in the film industry for decades.  "Shudan Wang is one of the most professional, honest, and dependable actors I have ever known," he admitted.  "There's no one else like her.  I am very impressed!"

Those are quotes from but a few of the one hundred plus entertainment industry professionals who are singing the praises of Shudan Wang. Hollywood seems genuinely excited to have Shudan as one of the industry's newest and brightest stars.

"Everyone believes you should play a major role in a James Bond movie," we said to Shudan at a recent red-carpet world premiere movie event.  "Will you be the next 'Bond girl?'"

Soft-spoken and humble, Shudan politely smiled.  "I will let you know when they ask me," she said, her smile broadening.

A major "name" producer gave us his impressions of Shudan Wang.  "Let's face it," he began, as if about to tell a great secret.  "Shudan is young, uniquely talented, and drop-dead gorgeous.  She is the 'fantasy woman' of just about every red-blooded male alive.  Her uniqueness includes the fact that women like and admire her; she's a strong woman who stands her ground and totally kicks ass when necessary.  She's a leader and an independent woman.  More importantly, she is a major star who is simply waiting for Hollywood to catch up – and she doesn't have long to wait."

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