Monday, March 19, 2018

From South Africa Via Hong Kong to Hollywood

Like so many young girls growing up and dreaming of a future successful Hollywood career, Page de la Harpe received her share of discouraging comments.  But unlike nearly all of the other would-be actors who allowed themselves to become discouraged, Page's reactions and responses were uniquely empowering and actually opened the doors to Hollywood.

"You'll never make it in Hollywood!" they said. "I already have" was Page's response.  In her mind, she was a successful actor.  Sure, she was a little girl growing up in South Africa and then Hong Kong, but she saw her future with great clarity.

"Millions try, and millions fail" they said.  Page simply smiled and wondered why those naysayers could not see her clear and undeniable future.  She attempted to enlighten them.  "Belief is very powerful," she explained. "Millions believe they can't become successful, so they fail.  They have a flawed belief system; It's a self-fulling prophesy.  Do you know about bumblebees?" she would ask.  "Bumblebees can't fly.  Really.  They are aerodynamically unsound."  Pretty impressive words for such a young girl, but Page was no ordinary girl.  "Their bodies are too big, and their wings are too small," she continued.  "It is scientifically impossible for bumblebees to fly."  At that point, Page remembers taking short dramatic pauses before delivering the memorable point of the story.  "You see," she would conclude, "bumblebees don't know its impossible, so they fly anyway!"

The point was missed by most.  That was okay.  Page understood.  Yes, she's a truly exceptional actor having achieved a level of talent that only a miniscule number of actors have ever reached.  "Exceptional talent is meaningless without an unshakable belief system," Page told us.

Apparently that belief system works.  It has certainly worked for this beautiful and uniquely talented actress.  From South Africa to Hong Kong, Page knew what her future held.  Now, as a young adult, she is living her dream and her destiny, here in Hollywood.  Her accomplishments are outstanding.  She has signed contracts now to star in three back-to-back feature films with two more starring roles offered.

Page de la Harpe – coming soon to a theater near you.

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