Saturday, August 18, 2018

Canadian Star Jassen Charron Talks Hollywood Success

Jassen Charron is one incredibly talented actor!  Growing up in Canada, he became one of the better-known child stars.  His reputation spread quickly.  He was considered to be a "natural," possessing talent, enthusiasm, passion, an understanding for the film business and a work ethic "way beyond his years."

Jassen continues to enthrall film and television audiences.  Although he routinely plays "youth market" roles, he is now, in reality, past his teen years.

A very busy and valued "in-demand" actor, we asked Jason to share a portion of his story and his philosophy.

"I admit that I have a gift," Jassen explained.  "I've been described a lot as an 'exceptionally' talented actor."  He paused for a moment, looking around the room.  "There are, however, thousands of exceptionally talented actors out there who have pursued the industry for many years. The public never heard of them.  They failed.  Dozens, hundreds of them continue to give up every day.  Talent is wonderful, but it's not enough."

A theater full of entertainment industry people listened intently to Jassen's words.  He had every person's undivided attention.  "You have to love this business," he continued.  "It must be your passion.  And your attitude is more important than your talent.  Go to give, not to take.  It's not about you, the actor.  It's about the project, the story.  Your job is to make that story come to life in the most real and believable way possible.  Even with overwhelming passion and talent, no one will hire you if they don't know you exist."

"You need to meet producers, directors and other industry notables in person.  Let your genuineness and your personality shine through.  Always have an attitude of gratitude.  That's what producers want – actors who can get the job done AND are great to be around.  Personality sells.  And if your personality is lacking, get a better one.  After all, you're an actor, aren't you?  Act like someone with a great personality."  Jassen smiled slightly.  He made eye contact with every person in the room, dramatically concluding with the words "Never, never, never quit."

Jassen has signed to star in two feature films shooting this year and two more (so far) filming next year.

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