Friday, August 24, 2018

Summer Blockbuster Movies Hit the Big Screen and Independent Film Festivals

The term "summer blockbuster" entered the movie goers consciousness in the late 1970s. Today anticipation of what the next summer blockbuster is going to be is a staple of American culture.  But it is not just every major motion picture studio releasing what they hope will turn a monstrous summer profit.  Independent film makers are making their own summer blockbusters including Thom Michael Mulligan and Lizet Benrey of Film Dreams Entertainment with their independent film debut "The Witching Hour" about a husband and wife who come to realize "love follows no rules and trust is a choice".

From Black Panther to Skyscraper starring the wickedly captivating Dwayne Johnson, 2018 is sure to be a blockbuster summer filled with on screen thrills.  Yet many of the best film projects of the year are based on reality. "The Witching Hour" is one such film and brings an unreal kind of life of Jimmy and Mariela Callaghan to audiences around the country this summer.

This is a fictional life of Jimmy Callaghan and Mariela DeLarosa Callaghan which gives the audience a glimpse into their devoted relationship as husband and wife.

Thom Michael Mulligan plays the role of Jimmy Callaghan. His acting career started at the age of seven, taking his first role on stage with his mother Marcia. Now a seasoned actor, director, producer and writer Thom has now teamed up with another veteran Lizet Benrey to create The Witching Hour.

Lizet Benrey plays Mariela DeLarosa Callaghan, Jimmy's on-screen wife. Lizet was born into an artist family and has been passionate about the arts as long as she can remember. For decades Lizet has been captivating art lovers around the world with her award winning paintings and photos as well as audiences with her acting, producing and writing.

The premier screening of "The Witching Hour" will be held at the Oceanside International Film Festival on Thursday, August 2nd, 2018 at 7:55 pm in the Sunshine Brooks Theater, in Oceanside, CA.

To learn more about "The Witching Hour", by Film Dreams Entertainment, watch the movie trailer at

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