Friday, August 3, 2018

Rare Original "Star Wars" Comic Books Collection for Auction

Could this be the ultimate Father's Day Gift for your favorite "Star Wars" lovin' Dad? Days after the big opening of "Solo" in theaters, imagine owning the first 10 Issues of the movie inspired comic books. It is possible. The BBQ RESCUES! Foundation was donated the collection by a board member, who chooses to remain anonymous. However, she can prove provenance with original programs from Star Wars studio screenings and souvenir button.

The collection of Star Wars Comics Issues #1 through #10 (1977-78) are now at auction on ebay, ending Monday June 11th. Starting bid is only $500, though the nonprofit organization hopes it will grow. The books themselves are in original condition barely touched and undamaged. Cover pages/borders are white, though pages have slightly yellowed during the 40+ years of careful storage. They will more likely be enjoyed by someone wanting to own the rare collection, rather than for investment or resell purposes.

The BBQ RESCUES! Foundation, which recently received official IRS 501(c)3 status, does outreach to the Barbecue Community and Restaurants to promote Smarter and Healthier Grilling in the fight against preventable diseases like Childhood (and Adult) Obesity, Diabetes as well as support of other important causes. They recently participated in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, by debuting the BBQ Black Panther (video on Youtube).

Answers to Inquiries and additional Photos available.

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