Monday, August 20, 2018

Colombian Actress Living Her Dream in Hollywood

Born in Medellin, Colombia, Lorena Lizarazo discovered at a young age that she excelled at virtually everything she experienced – art, sports, basketball, swimming, gymnastics, skating, dance, piano, modeling and, of course, acting.

Still unsure which passion would "win out" and direct the rest of her life, as a teenager Lorena enrolled at USB University to pursue a possible future career in psychology.  After all, she had been fascinated by the dozens of psychology and psychoanalysis books she had been reading since childhood.

"I delved deeply into psychoanalysis," Lorena told us.  "It's a fascinating subject.  I learned a lot about other people, and in doing so, I learned a lot about myself.  I discovered that one passion outweighed all the others combined.  That's the one I'm living now – acting."

"So, you psychoanalyzed yourself and decided that you wanted to be an actor?" we asked.

Lorena smiled.  "Actually," she began, "I've been an actor since I was a child. I had simply not allowed it to be my life's focus until I was a young adult.  Partially through self-psychoanalysis, as you say, which is simply examining your innermost feelings, I accepted the truth. That truth is that I am here to make a difference as a successful professional actress."

Lorena shifted her focus from psychology to acting and studied with some of the best acting coaches on both hemispheres.  Open, friendly, and warm, Lorena takes her acting career very seriously.  "I didn't travel 3,330-plus miles to pursue a hobby," she stated.  "This is a serious commitment, a serious business – and I approach it as the incredibly important profession that it is."

In addition to playing lead roles on stage, Lorena has, in a very short period of time, amassed thirteen starring roles and three co-starring roles in various film projects.  She has recently signed to star in two more feature films, both of which are scheduled to shoot this year.

It must have taken great courage, we thought, for Lorena to travel thousands of miles to pursue her dream.  "No," she said softly, thoughtfully, "all it took was commitment."

Lorena is the kind of person who quickly puts people at ease and holds their attention.  She's an exceedingly talented and captivating lady both on and off screen.

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