Friday, July 23, 2010


His resume’ includes stints working as a personal chef for Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Alba & the casts of “30 Rock,” “The Soprano’s” & “Rescue Me,” but Patrick Barile is a Clifton guy at heart.
Starting his business 18 months ago delivering fresh made sandwiches & salads to local businesses, he has now opened up an upscale Bistro in one of Clifton’s historic buildings.
Avenue Bistro or Ave. B as the locals call it, is located at 25 Grunwald st, a difficult to get to one way street coming uo to Van Houten Ave. When asked, why here, his answer is always the same, “I love the fact that I am off the beaten path, when people finally find it they are so blown away that they feel the need to bring more people next time! Now on a Friday of Saturday you will have half of the tables filled with people who know each other. It is a place where you know when you will come you will be in good company!”
When you pull up to the place you would never know it is a restaurant, having to walk through a screen door & a heavy front door, you walk in to a room filled with a rustic charm. White table clothes, candles & fresh flowers on the tables, eclectic music playing through the speakers & local art that hangs on the walls.
The menu is a collaboration of American style food with an Italian influence. There are fresh seasonal salads, home made pastas & a supper menu with fresh fish choices & even a 24 oz Ribeye for $16. “Everything on the menu is done fresh & to order,” Barile says, “With only 40 seats there is no reason to do it any other way. All my ingredients are bought locally, daily & we prep everything in small quantities everyday.

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