Tuesday, November 2, 2010



Chameleon Lifesaver Award
Chris Mulkey

Best Drama, Short
Poetry Man
The Desperate
Speed Grieving
Rainbow Rabbit Reliant *

Best Comedy, Short
Cantata in C Major
4 Pictures *
Murphy Goes……Babysitting
Above the Badge
Taking a Shot at Love Not Comedy

Best Experimental
Cantata in C Major *
Eye Candy
Vitruvius' Toybox
Best Feature, Comedy
No Footing
Green *

Best Feature, Drama
Non Compos Mentis
I'm Not Here (And She's Not There)
A Fight for Survival*
Five Years Later

Best Actor, Feature
Nick Gregorio, Green *
Philip Wilson, I'm Not Here (And She's Not There)
Christopher Paolucci, Five Years Later
Matt Reynolds, A Fight for Survival
Nicholas Boise, A Fight for Survival
Non Compos Mentis, Keith Collins

Best Actress, Feature
Theresa Galeani, A Fight for Survival
Lindsay Tanner, A Fight for Survival
Jensen Bucher, No Footing *
Michelle Nunes, Green
Tara Stiles, I'm Not Here (And She's Not There)

Best Actor Short, Drama (Tie)
Peter Greene, Poetry Man *
Corey Wright, An Anomaly of the Theory
Louis Mandylor, Stained *
David Simonetti, Valentine
Mike Moring, Natasha
Jake Lyall, The Confession

Best Actor Short, Comedy
Reese Renti, Murphy Goes....Babysitting
Sam Fuller, Taking a Shot at Love *
Phil Sholtes, 4 Pictures
Brandon Parker, Above the Badge
Erick Tjarks, Above the Badge
Brian Ames, 2Bed/2Bath

Best Actress Short, Drama
Stephanie Casaubon, Rainbow Rabbit Reliant *
Alysia Reiner, Speed Grieving
Jane Pfitsch, Rainbow Rabbit Reliant
Amanda Shy, Collecting Things
Paige McSherry, Poetry Man
Lauren Jane Krystofolski, Inside of Me

Best Actress Short, Comedy
Dawn Bartley, 4 Pictures *
Summer Scott, Murphy Goes...Babysitting
Charmaine Dickerson, Murphy Goes...Babysitting
Mila Bouzinova, Taking a Shot at Love
Gina Manegio, 2Bed/2Bath

Best Supporting Actor, Feature
Keith Collins, A Fight for Survival *
Danny Myers, Green
Daniel Halden, Five Years Later
Johnny Hawkes, Green
Jake Matthews, No Footing

Best Supporting Actress, Feature
Maria Alegre, A Fight for Survival
Ali LeVecchia, No Footing
Hayley Griffith, Five Years Later
Theresa Galeani, Non Compos Mentis *
Leah Cary, I'm Not Here (And She's Not There)

Best Supporting Actor Short, Drama
Jon McCormack, Poetry Man
Walter Vincent, An Anomaly of the Theory *
Greg Mullavey, The Desperate
Jacob Witkin, Stained
Steven Spohn, The Confession

Best Supporting Actress Short, Drama
Jenny Kirlin, Rainbow Rabbit Reliant *
Lia Sprechini, Valentine
Debra Lynn Hull, Stained
Josie DiVincenzo, The Desperate
Paige McSherry Poetry Man

Best Supporting Actor Short, Comedy
Carlito Ulett, Murphy Goes....Babysitting *
Sid Veda, 2Bed/2Bath
Tyler Colglazier, Above the Badge
Sean Naughton, Action Hero's Guide
Jeff Santos, Taking a Shot at Love
Thomas Phelan, Taking a Shot at Love

Best Supporting Actress Short, Comedy
Megan Laesch, 4 Pictures
Christina Nicole, Murphy Goes...Babysitting *
Valerie Querns, 2bed/2bath
Heather Kozlakowski, 4 Pictures

Best Director, Feature
Nicholas Boise, A Fight for Survival
Jamie Lerman, Five Years Later
Michael Licisyn, No Footing
Geraldine Winters, Non Compos Mentis
Nick Gregorio, Green *

Best Director Short, Drama
Kitt Lavoie, Rainbow Rabbit Reliant *
Jesse Collver, Stained
David Simonetti, Valentine
James McSherry, Poetry Man
Jessica Daniels, Speed Grieving
Jeremy Profe, An Anomaly of the Theory

Best Director Short, Comedy
Mike Madigan, 4 Pictures
Ola Alabi, Murphy Goes....Babysitting *
Justin Lutsky, The Action Hero's Guide to Saving Lives
Joe Clarke, Above the Badge
Michael Le Blanc, 2Bed/2 Bath
Jeanne Taylor Shapiro, Taking a Shot at Love

Best Documentary Feature
Gerrymandering *
Mousetrap to Mars

Best Documentary Short
Bowling Blind *
Shake Rattle & Roll
Bucket Flush
The Story of the American Star
The Eiswein Harvest

Finders Award for Festival Support: Marc Clebanoff
Best Local South Jersey Feature: No Footing
Best Local Short: Inside of Me
Best New Jersey-based Feature: Five Years Later
Best New Jersey-based Short 15 minutes or less: Collecting Things
Best New Jersey-based Short over 15 minutes: Valentine
New Director, Short: Jeanne Taylor Shapiro
New Actor, Short Drama: Mike Moring

New Actress, Short Comedy: Mila Bouzinova,
New Actor, Short Comedy: Sam Fuller
New Actress, Short Drama: Paige McSherry
New Director Award, Feature: Jamie Lerman
New Actor Award, Feature: Danny Myers
New Actress Award, Feature: Jensen Bucher
Best First Time Writer, Short: Jeremy Profe
Best First Time Writer, Feature: Gregory Kaplan
Best Writer, Short: Erik Argenti, Stained
Best Writer, Feature: Nicholas Boise, A Fight for Survival
Best Up and Coming Director: Jessica Daniels
Producer Award, Feature: Theresa Galeani
Producer Award, Short: Erik Argenti, Jolie Kelvin
Best Ultra-Short: Nikki and Viv, Susan Hippen
Best New Jersey Ultra-Short: Blink, Connor Hughes
Best Ensemble Cast, Feature: A Fight for Survival
Best Ensemble Cast, Short: Murphy Goes………Babysitting
Best Animated Short: Vitruvius' Toybox
Best New Jersey Animated Short: Eye Candy

Rowan Awards:Best Feature: No Footing
Best Short: Valentine
Best Documentary: Shake Rattle & Roll
Best Musical Documentary: Bucket Flush
Best Coming of Age Film: Taking a Shot at Love
Best New Media Director: Marc Clebanoff
Best New Media Writer: Frank Krueger
Best of Fest Audience Award, Feature: Green
Best of Fest Audience Award, Short: Rainbow Rabbit Reliant and Stained
Best of Fest Audience Award, Documentary: Gerrymandering

Screenplay Winners
Feature Length
1st Place: Unengagement, L. E. Grabowski
2nd Place: Bennies, Heidi C. Bordogna
3rd Place: Waking the Dead, Michele Schultz
Honorable Mention: Halfway Home, David Schroeder
Honorable Mention: Riding the Rumble Strip, Brad Willis and Anne Dunkin

Short1st Place: Blood Trigger, Ron Podell
2nd Place: The Anatomy of You Saying Goodbye, Kevin Schwartz
No 3rd Place winner
Honorable Mention: X-Treme Sports, Andrij Witiuk

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