Monday, November 8, 2010


The word is out that Supermodel & Actress Debbie Dickinson will be hosting the beautiful jewelry collection of ALZERINA at the Warren Tricomi Salon Tuesday, and Friday afternoon November 9th& 12th from 12-6pm.

A L Z E R I N A has made a name for herself by fashioning glamorous pieces for both celebrities and her many private clients.Growing up in Cape Verde, A L Z E R I N A was drawn to the world of fashion by her mother, Josepha Gomes, who was a well-known clothing designer. Inspired to start her own clothing line at the young age of 14 Alzerina quickly became adept at her craft and was accepted by the local art community. She soon began to design jewelry for artists, musicians, actors, and an influential clientele on the islands of Cape Verde.
Compelled by the desire for inspiration and the need to create, A L Z E R I N A moved to the fashion capital of Paris. There, she meshed her passion for the world of fashion with the beauty of the city and its people. In 1998, after eight years in the high fashion world of Paris, she headed to New York City where she created her own label.
Once in New York, A L Z E R I N A acquired yet more experience and perfected her art. Her dedication to beauty, elegance, and femininity is reflected in her jeweled creations. She draws inspiration from her clients’ style and sensibilities and therefore designs each piece individually. Her creations emerge as art in the form of exquisite jewelry and high-fashion intimate wear.
Although A L Z E R I N A is known for her intricately crafted jewelry worn by women who love to feel and look good, she is also recognized for her line of intimate jeweled lingerie. Her lingerie, designed especially for the fashionably bold, features bra and panty sets made of thin chains embedded with colorful Swarovski crystals. These pieces epitomize style and a feminine grace. The lingerie is considered “couture” due to its unique and distinctive quality and craftsmanship.
A L Z E R I N A 's collections continue to appeal to singers, musicians, and dancers but are now appreciated by an increasingly wider worldwide audience due to her successful web sales. Brides shop for their wedding party jewelry ensembles, while her lovely designs are on the ‘must buy’ list of anyone shopping for a Valentine gift, an anniversary or birthday, a holiday wardrobe or for ‘that special something’ to spark up a day at the office.
There’s something for everyone in A L Z E R I N A ’s beautiful new collection – where she continues to be just a step ahead of the trend while remaining classic with her popular best-selling favorites.
(photo by Bettina Ciorone on the portrait of Alzerina)

Tuesday, November 9th and Friday November 12th from 12-6pm.
Warren Tricomi Salon
1 West 58th Street - 2nd Floor

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