Monday, October 29, 2012

Hilarious Comedy "The Replacement" Wins At Atlantic City Cinefest

This month "The Replacement" brought home two major awards from the 2012 Downbeach Film Festival Atlantic City Cinefest, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Jana (AJ) Mattioli brought home Best Director in a Comedy Short 15 minutes or less. Elissa Goldstein came home with Best Supporting Actress in the same category. We couldn't agree more! The Replacement is a witty comedy with a cast of Drag-Queens, bisexuals, homosexuals, and heterosexuals that will make any mainstream individual blush. 

    Without notice, Clara quits her position as The Cup’s Coffee Shop manager. This causes flamboyant waiter, Jamie, (award winner Keith CollinsThe Meat Puppet) and the Drag Queen owner Bea Reasonable (Danny Logan as Dallas Dubois; Miss Fire Island 2011), to search for her replacement. Bea soon discovers over a series of terrible interviews that The Cup’s regulars aren’t exactly manager material. When all hope appears to be lost, Josh (Bobby WalkerCoffee and a Bite) enters the shop to apply for the position. The interview goes incredibly well, and Bea believes she’s found her replacement for Clara… but in a day where nothing has gone Bea’s way, can it really be that simple? 
Within these 12 minutes you will laugh your ass off and ask for someone to rewind!! 

This comedy gem is part of an episodic mini-series titled the The Coffee Shop produced by Mattioli Productions and Jana (AJ) Mattioli. Executive Producers Steve Wolf, Robert Borneman, Joyce Borneman, Greg Jackson, and Dreamcatcher Entertainment.