Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2014 Canada International Film Festival

2014 Canada International Film Festival Schedule & Events

Friday, March 28, 2014


Filmmaker & Screenwriter Networking Party

The Roxy

932 Granville Street

Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L2


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Film Screenings

Edgewater Casino

Stadium Club

9:00 AM

Rouge Sang - The Storm Within (Feature Film, 93 minutes, Canada)

Short Film Block 1

10:40 AM

Silence is Golden (Short Film, 3 minutes, Australia)

Lothar (Short Film, 13 minutes, Switzerland) 

Coco de Elevador - Coconut Elevator (Music Video, 4 minutes, Brazil) 

La Chambre Norie - The Dark Room (Short Film, 13 minutes, Belgium) 

Departure (Short Film, 2 minutes, Michelle Ku)

11:20 AM

I Loved You So Much (Foreign Film, 98 minutes, Turkey)

Short Film Block 2

1:05 PM

The Magic Ferret (Short Film, 11 minutes, Canada) 

Save the World (Short Film, 9 minutes, Switzerland) 

Billy in Motion (Short Film, 16 minutes, USA) 

Reflections (Short Film, 10 minutes, United Kingdom) 

Confusion Through Sand (Animation, 11 minutes, USA)

2:10 PM

Seven Lucky Gods (Feature, 102 minutes, Albania/United Kingdom)

4:00 PM

Trampoline (Feature Film, 74 minutes, Ireland)

Short Film Block 3

5:30 PM

Soul Stealer (Foreign Film, 8 minutes, USA) 

Ricochet (Short Film, 16 minutes, Australia) 

Katya & The Scarlet Sails (Short Film, 11 minutes, USA)

Taking Flight (Short Documentary, 40 minutes, Canada) 

The Healing of Heather Garden (Short Film, 27 minutes, Canada) 

The History of Chance (Short Film, 24 minutes, USA)

7:10 PM

The Enigma of Nic Jones (Documentary, 60 minutes United Kingdom)

Closing Night Awards Ceremony

9:00 PM

Edgewater Casino

Stadium Club

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