Saturday, March 8, 2014

Xskwizit Clothing Sponsors Singer David Martinez at SXSW

LadyLake Music is pleased to announce that singer David Martinez, the number one alternative artist in Corpus Christi, Texas will have his week at SXSW sponsored in part by Xskwizit Clothing, an exciting new lifestyle brand based on the East Coast.

The idea of Xskwizit Clothing was created in the spring of 2011. This line came about as a lifestyle brand. It basically depicts the life that we live right now as well as future aspirations. As of right now the line is based in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area, as well as New York City. With customers all over there are no limitations to how far we can spread.

Xskwizit Clothing is a lifestyle brand who prides ourselves on the quality and originality of the products that we put out. One of the biggest attributes that this brand holds is to take regular fashion and revamp the style and look and make it easy to dress with style, but keep your individuality while doing so.

This is a brand of rare excellence in production and execution, combining lifestyle and various cultural inspirations, from the skater scene to the hip hop scene and anything and everything in between.

​All in all, this sums up the Xskwizit Lifestyle. I would like to think that we live by the motto “Live The Life”. We do not follow. We set trends. We live the life.

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