Monday, March 10, 2014


Daily Film Forum Exclusive:: 
From National Lampoons Dorm Daze 2, Army of the Damned and her upcoming project Blue Suede join us for A moment with
Jasmin St. Claire

DFF: Your new project, Blue Suede - what’s it about, and tell us about your character in it and how you brought it to life?

My character is Angie Pizzano. I play a very power driven/hungry bad ass woman with a take no prisoners attitude. It's a mob movie. We're filming during the summer..the director, JR Hepburn thought I had the right acting skills & edge to bring her to life.

DFF: How did the project come together in the first place, and how did you end up getting casted?

I was introduced to jr hepburn at a party by an old acquaintance and it was all uphill from there ;)

DFF: When can the public be able to see Blue Suede?

More news at vendetta motion pictures to follow soon.

DFF: National Lampoons Dorm Daze 2, that’s a big franchise of films how was that for you? Tell us about your experience with it and do you get recognized from it?

Its sooooo much fun!! I love National Lampoons & working with the Hillandbrand brothers was fun. I always get recognized from it to this day!!!!

DFF: We hear you also wrote a book? Care to share some details on it with us? Is this your first book as an author and do you plan on writing anymore in the future?

I wrote an autobiography, " what the hell was I thinking , confessions of the works most controversial sex symbol" , but am re releasing it this summer with lots of extras.

DFF: Any future projects you'd like to share?

The caped crusader, which is a batman fan movie, scars of a predator, I just shot a commercial for MTV UK and I have a few shows I'm working on. Catch of the day was also just completed.

DFF: What can you tell us about the career of yours, what got you into modeling and acting, did you receive a formal education on the subject?

I trained with Ted Bardy. I was modeling since I was 10 and my formal education is from Columbia university in business & I'm fluent in 5 languages ;) I tend to get lots of voice over work.

DFF: Any other past films of yours you'd like to talk about?

Army of the damned was cool. I enjoyed working on a project with Michael Berryman and Tony Todd.

DFF: How would you describe yourself as an actor?

Very versatile, definitely can pull off lots of my own stunts , organic and I love playing a bad ass.

DFF: What Actors inspire you?

Katey Sagal, Audrey hepburn and Christian bale.

DFF: How about some of your personal favorite films to watch?

Breakfast at Tiffany's, American psycho, rivers edge, the producers, history of the world, hot tub time machine and Beverly Hills madam.

DFF: Your website, Facebook, twitter or whatever else you’d like to shout out?

Facebook: jasminstclaire

DFF: Anything else you’d like to mention or that I forgot to ask?

Thanks for the interview!!!

DFF: Thank You Jasmin