Thursday, March 13, 2014



ZING Revolution Releases Multiple Custom Products and
New Custom Comics created by Marvel Entertainment
ZING Hosts Exclusive Live Stream of
On the Red Carpet March 13, 2014
Starting at 6PM PDT

In an exclusive, worldwide deal, innovative technology and pop culture product developer ZING Revolution and market leader Marvel Entertainment, LLC will be inviting the millions of Marvel comic book and film fans to "Crash the Comics, Save the Universe". Fans of the expansive Marvel Universe can become their favorite Super Heroes and even Super Villains. Using ZING Revolution's best-in-market proprietary customizer tool technology, ZING Revolution has created a unique opportunity for fans to literally put their faces into the Marvel comics. Once they create their images they can choose from a plethora of products to order print-on-demand personalized products.

The ZING Revolution Custom Comic Initiative will launch with ZING Revolution's existing product line of premium 3M vinyl ZING skins for over 300 consumer electronic devices, hard cases, home décor, clothing and glassware. This ZING Revolution Initiative reaches a feverous pitch on March 13, 2014, when ZING Revolution brings fans the exclusive live stream of Marvel's CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Red Carpet Premiere. Be sure to be on the lookout for ZING Revolution's spokesperson; teen personality and Seattle based alt-rock band Gypsy Temple front man Cameron Miles Lavi-Jones. Fans can check out the live stream on at 6PM PDT/ 9PM EDT.

The centerpiece of this new ZING Revolution Initiative is an all-new, six-issue comic book -- created by fan favorite writer Cullen Bunn and amazing artist Christian Duce -- which is filled with all the action, drama, humor and characters for which Marvel is known around the world. Fans will be able to insert themselves throughout every chapter as their favorite Super Hero to fully personalize the entire adventure. The series will be available in both digital and print form, and will launch on April 1, 2014.

"ZING Revolution is all about Marvel fan engagement and the 'Crash the Comics' Initiative is a fantastic way to bring them even closer to their heroes," confirms Lara Lavi, Managing Partner of ZING Revolution. "These Marvel comic book fans are true diehards. They always want to be part of the Marvel Universe; now they can really immerse themselves. ZING Revolution is building a rich media destination web realm that allows fans to 'Crash the Comics' using any device in any web browser with a fully Mobile Responsive Design. This means fans can create their custom comics at home, work, school or on the go as the destination web realm will be a full online entertainment experience."

For nearly 75 years, millions of fans of the Marvel Universe all over the world have dreamed of becoming Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Widow, Thor and other Marvel Super Heroes. Now they can. Using ZING Revolution's proprietary technology, fans can "Crash the Comics", place their faces on the body of their favorite characters and BE IN THE COMICS!

ZING Revolution will offer a myriad of Marvel custom comic branded, personalized products including smaller ticket items such as mobile phone cases, 3M premium vinyl skins and stickers, light switches, coffee mugs, and mouse pads, to apparel like hoodies and headwear, to larger items including canvas art, musical instrument decals for guitars, and premium 3M vinyl home décor wall art, which safely adheres to almost any surface from walls to lockers to refrigerators. ZING Revolution can even skin vehicles!

Want a sweater for your dog with Fido as Loki? Check! A skateboard, snowboard or surfboard with you as Thor? ZING's got it! Prices range from $4.99 to $9.99 for a personalized digital comic book cover to $25 for most apparel to $100 and more for large format home décor wall art skins. ZING Revolution will keep adding product lines so there is always something new offered on the website.

ZING Revolution will soon announce the details for its "Crash the Comics" pre-paid gift card retail program powered by INCOMM which offers digital and hard-copy product cards perfect for all major retail stores. These cards are the core of ZING Revolution's retail market penetration strategy.

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