Saturday, August 9, 2014

Doll Face Animated Films. A Happily Ever After Film Production Company

Doll Face Animated Films. A Happily Ever After Film Production Company. KImberly Jesika creates Animated Cartoon Boutique. Doll Face Productions will help clients with screenplays, scripts, thirty and ninety minute Animated Series Production, Music Video Productions, Commercial Productions. Also under their umbrella of services they will provide casting, Indy Red Inclusion, IMBD Credit, coaching on how to create a show runner along with how to get your show picked up on Cable TV which will include guaranteed pick-up depending on project**, along with coaching on developing and expanding your ideas and brand.

About Kimberly

Kimberly is a Celebrity Publicist, Animated Film Producer & Graphic Novel Author. Kimberly works with Grammy Winners, Bill Board Winners, Actors, Entrepreneurs and Celebrities. Kimberly has helped create, direct and produced Animated Films slated for TV and is currently working on a Disney style "Frozen" 3D Animated Series, slated for TV. Kimberly knows what it takes to stand out from the crowd, and become famous for the awesome things you do, by running her own PR firm as well as Honorable Celebrity Interviewing, which focuses on the awesome things, Celebrities do, instead of the negative gossipy hurtful trash.

Kimberly started her PR career back in 1996 In California. Kimberly has had clients on CNN TV NEWS, PEOPLE MAGAZINE, LA TIMES, NBC, ABC, CBS and CTV (CANADA'S VERSION OF GOOD MORNING AMERICA) and more. Up to but not limited to Red Carpets in Hollywood.

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