Saturday, August 23, 2014

Move over Netflix here comes Vident (video entertainment)

Over the past few years Netflix has become the master of video streaming for smart phones, smart devices, PC and nearly any items you can think of. But soon there will be a new kid on the block, looking at taking video streaming to a whole new level.

Vident Corp (video entertainment) will be launching in December 2014 and its initial launch will be in South Africa. This will be the first video streaming service available in the Africa continent.

But what will make Vident different, at the moment video streaming is exactly that you watch, you put down. Vident will not just be a video streaming app but it has several new ideas to make it a true future of digital entertainment., A mulit level platform with a variety of facets that allow you not just to watch movies on your smart device or PC but to interact with friends and family while you are using the Vident video streaming service. One of the unique feature is that it will be a local app for each country showing not just US block buster movies but also local movies in local languages giving the viewers more to interact with.

Vident corp are a South African based company who have understood the future of video rental is through digital media and not your traditional outlets.

This app and the full system is being design By Easy Apps Business and will be available on Apple, Android, Blackberry, PC, Ipad and tablet at the launch and will then progress on to other smart devices, gaming consoles and countries in the following months.

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