Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Canadian ‘Short Film Fan’ Blog Site Launched

A new Canadian-based blog site dedicated to the art of Canadian short films is inviting all curious film buffs to visit shortfilmfan(dot)wordpress(dot)com. Updated weekly, the blog is a source of news, information and reviews of these films and the industry. The website was launched May 2014 by Mike Kulasza, a communications professional and admirer of this film format.

“In the last few years, Canadian short films have really piqued my curiosity,” said Kulasza. Many of these films are made by aspiring film makers on shoe-string budgets as film school assignments, and as a way to build their career portfolios. Film lengths are typically under thirty minutes, so the plots have to be carefully written to fit in this time frame. “I really admire the artistry and work that is put into producing these films. That’s why I decided to launch Short Film Fan on my Wordpress," stated Kulasza.

Visitors to the blog site will have a chance to view the actual films, as well as to comment on each post. To receive instant updates from, follow 'Short Film Fan' on Wordpress or Mike Kulasza on Twitter at @mkulasza.

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