Monday, December 1, 2014

A New Way to Consume TV: The Dark Pattern, A Choose your Own Adventure Web Series

Mackenzie Warner, director and writer of The Dark Pattern ( has written a series that will change our expectations of TV consumption at large. Gone are the days of passive viewership as stories take us down a path that is dictated by the writer. For arguably the first time ever, The Dark Pattern will engage and entertain us in a way we never experienced before as we--the audience--are given the power to chose the fate of the characters in the show.

Set in the present day, The Dark Pattern follows Lydia Trout, a high-school hacker that has come across The Dark Pattern website and is immediately invited to solve a cryptic riddle. Anxious and eager to solve the first riddle she is presented with, Lydia quickly solves it only to unwittingly unleash an ancient evil curse onto her town. In Solving the Master of the Crypt’s puzzle Lydia is warned of an insidious death. Throughout her adventure, viewers will be transplanted into her reality and given the power to dictate her decisions leading to her towards the “mind-altering” season finale.

Writer and director Mackenzie Warner is excited to push the bounds of the traditional TV format to offer viewers the ability to share in creating the story as they question their own values and morals in choosing the actions that Lydia is presented with. He needs your help though, in order to make this project come to life.

To view the trailer, learn more about the project, and vote for The Dark Pattern, visit:

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