Saturday, December 13, 2014

Beta Music Group Furthers Expansion Into South Florida

Beta Music Group (OTC:BEMG) announced yet another city which it will be going to be expanding into. To date it has already entered several major markets including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and now Florida...more specifically Miami. Through its Viewpon subsidiary, the Company develops relationships between small businesses and their clients through digital coupons after viewing interactive commercial videos from small businesses. After watching the digital commercial, which plays within the Viewpon network, clients receive digital coupon offers of immediate savings the small businesses. Clients can send digital reviews of their experience via social media and receive additional free coupons from the small businesses for each "view" of their review.

Viewpon, (, is planning the initial launch in Miami, Florida during and will expand across Southern Florida from Fort Lauderdale through West Palm Beach. Further expansion is planned for Fort Myers, Tampa, and Orlando areas during the First Quarter of 2015. BEMG CEO Jim Ennis stated, "The expansion of Viewpon to the Florida Market will increase our digital media platform which includes television production, digital commercials, online client reviews and marketing services including social media.Viewpon combined with Sideshow Entertainment’s experience in television production serving the small business sector will be a key strategic part of the Beta Music Group platform."

Beta's mission is to help Florida small businesses build deeper relationships with their clients by offering their products and services in an interactive digital platform. According to Beta, Viewpon will enable consumers to connect with Florida small businesses through our interactive video commercials and digital coupons. The platform plans to deliver additional levels of analytical data and strategies ensuring the businesses reach their consumers and improve their ROI. Viewpon will be a great site for Florida residents to visit and save money regarding their favorite products, services and brands.

To learn about Viewpon and our Expansion, please visit following:

Viewpon Commercial: (

Expansion into Florida: (

Expansion into New York: (

Expansion into New Jersey: (

Expansion into Connecticut: (


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