Thursday, December 4, 2014

Actress Kristine Sisco creates management partnership with Cylence Media

Kristine Sisco, a remarkable and unique talent in the Los Angeles Film & Television industry has partnered with Cylence Media Management (CMM) to give a fierce look to their current roster.  CMM is a talent management company specializing in strategic talent development. Located in West Hollywood,  CA and Atlanta, GA; CMM represents top entertainers in the industry, delivering valuable solutions and opportunities to entertainers. Kristine joins other talented and successful artists at CMM, such as Chelsea O’Toole and Cheryl McQueen.

Originally from Chicago; Sisco began her journey at the age of 14 participating in local productions and continued to shape her talent by studying at Bradley University. She impressively double majored in Theater performance and Communications with an emphasis in Radio/Television.

When once interviewed, Kristine acknowledge “I pride myself on hard work and dedication to my craft with excellent memorization and…In a nutshell…I am a Yes, Please, and Thank You actor”

Kristine’s outstanding background gives a great comprehension of what she’s made of, including credits from work in a variety television projects such as '90210', 'Suburgatory' and 'Anger Managemen't as well as the feature film 'This Town', and the new media project 'Guns Don't Lie', along with many more.

She’s passionate and driven. Her personality empowers any role she performs” says Ruth West, director of the short film “STAY”, in which Sisco recently performed. “She embodied exactly what I had pictured on set. There was hardly a need for any adjustments because she captured the role so well. I’m looking forward to working with her again” quoted by West.

Sisco has wrapped productions on several projects such as Branson the Sitcom plus a Pepsi Super Bowl commercial and doesn’t plan to be stopped while on a good path. Cylence Media Management is thrilled to have such a talented ambitious performer join it’s team.

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