Thursday, March 10, 2016

Extreme Weaponry Productions Announces The Release of Many New Trailers for Upcoming WCP Movie

 Shane West, Extreme Weaponry Productions Marketing Assistant says, "This is such a special release, we wanted to do something different so we decided to make multiple trailers. We wanted each trailer to focus on a particular emotion." Nelson continues, "We were careful not to divulge too much about the storyline. I know there are no spoilers and the viewers still will be left confused and confounded."

I've seen the first official trailer (link below) and it definitely delivers. I haven't seen the movie yet but the first official trailer definitely left me feeling confused and confounded.

The film was produced in association with Intolerance Records, Wasteful Consumption Patterns label, and Sotto Films, screenwriting company. The film follows around the two main band members, DJ Korpserape, played by J. Shepherd and Tombass, played by Thomas Mayberry as they encounter a multitude of issues, one being their fictitious label representative, Dick Slocum, played by Stephen Sterling, voiced by George Wilkinson.

At the conclusion of the production of the office scenes, it was discovered that all of the external audio, as well as the in-camera audio was unusable due to unplanned nearby construction noises. All sound effects and voices had to be reproduced in the Intolerance Records Thanatron studio. Unfortunately, Stephen Sterling, the character who played "Dick Slocum", was unavailable for overdub sessions so voiceover actor George Wilkinson was brought on board for the job. Each actor had to deliver their lines as closely to the original as possible in order for proper synchronization to occur. To make sure this was accomplished, each actor recorded their lines several different ways and the best version was selected in post editing sessions.

The movie was filmed over the past four years and includes footage from nearly every stop on the Wasteful Consumption Patterns Khrome Tour. With the help of eight cameramen, including fan footage, we have managed to piece together this "shock-rock mock-documentary." It's like Spinal Tap meets Hostel in Wonderland.

This unrated film is slated for International release this Summer.

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