Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hollywood’s Next Action Hero

Matt Erdems has been involved in martial arts since age eleven.  He excels in kickboxing, Muay Thai, Wushu and Shotokan Karate.  His records as an international competitive fighter are impressive.  As an amateur, he won over 85% of his 100+ fights.  In tournaments he fought as many as seven times in a single day.  His professional career is even more impressive, and he is in high demand with a large international following.

Soft-spoken, humble and unassuming, this likable and fascinating gentleman admitted that he’s very good at what he does.  “What he does” includes far more than his impressive fighting skills.  He is a very good film actor, stunt man and fight choreographer.  He was fight choreographer and stunt player on “Taken II” with Liam Neeson, for example.

In addition to his success in the fight game, Matt is recognized more and more for his acting abilities.  Already the subject of a documentary, there are a couple of “name” producers who think Matt Erdems’ entire life story should be told on the big screen – as a major motion picture.

His story is a fascinating one – from his youth in Istanbul to his world travel as a successful professional fighter to his completed military service in the Turkish Armed Forces to his success in the Hollywood-based film and television business.

I’m very disciplined,” Matt told us.  “I train hard and I train often.  When I have the time, I help others to reach their goals.  I’m a personal trainer in more ways than one.”

We asked him what his goals were in the entertainment industry.  “I’m going to keep fighting because I’m good at it.  But I’m also good in front of the camera.  I would like to continue combining both of those qualities in action films.”

We asked if Matt felt he could become Hollywood’s next action hero.  He smiled.  “That’s where everything seems to be heading,” he admitted.  So, does Hollywood now have its next action hero?  Those in the know believe it’s highly probable.  Watch for him.  Matt Erdems, action hero!  Matt Erdems.com

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