Saturday, March 26, 2016

New Poster Art For “BESTSELLER” National Release Revealed

Michigan based motion picture company Collective Development Inc. in association with Misery Bay Films and Lake Street Media is revealing new poster/DVD art for the thriller “Bestseller” starring Melissa Anschutz, DJ Perry, Ralph Lister, Lana Wood, Taylor Nichols and Terence Knox. The feature film “Bestseller” is based upon the novel of the same name and was written by Christopher Knight.  Mr. Knight is well known to children “scare lovers” as Johnathan Rand, author of the popular AMERICAN CHILLER books.

The film is about a literary agent who vacations to beautiful Northern Michigan and is terrorized by an aspiring writer who has been rejected multiple times.

The national US/Canada release for the film will be in May 2016 with Jax Distribution. Currently the film is in talks for foreign sales representation. Vacationers to Michigan for the 2016 season can also find the film at the famous CHILLERMANIA store.

This film is the first book-to-film collaboration between Collective Development Inc. and Misery Bay Films.  Talks concerning follow-up projects are ongoing and 2016 might see yet another collaboration project announced.

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