Monday, October 24, 2016

9th Annual Atlantic City Cinefest Film Festival 2016 Award Winners

2016 Winners

Scott L. Schwartz
Scott L. Schwartz
2016 Lifesaver Award for Cinematic Achievement
Lifesaver Award for Cinematic Achievement Blanche Baker
Lifesaver Award for Cinematic Achievement Scott L. Schwartz

Best Supporting Actress Feature Comedy Jean Kohl Odd Crows
Best Supporting Actress Feature Action Drama Lynn Mancinelli Bad Frank
Best Supporting Actress Feature Horror Nikki Casseri Surviving the Outbreak
Best Supporting Actress Feature Drama Leah Barker Sugar!
Best Supporting Actress Short Drama Robyn Babina Moral Compass
Best Supporting Actress Short Dramedy Jennifer Cook Unexplainable

Best Supporting Actor Short Comedy Edgar Gonzalez Doctors
Best Supporting Actor Short Dramedy Jim Parrack Red
Best Supporting Actor Short Thriller, John Shea Alone
Best Supporting Actor Short Horror Charlie Way Hayes Resistance
Best Supporting Actor Feature Dramedy Chris Dyer TRI
Best Supporting Actor Feature Romantic Comedy Lawton Denis The Night We Met
Best Supporting Actor Feature Action Drama Rommel Suniga Changing Hands

Best Director Feature Comedy Pat Kazanjian Odd Crows
Best Director Feature Thriller Keith Vaile Kidnapped
Best Director Feature Horror Larry Rosen Surviving the Outbreak
Best Director Feature Drama Shari Berman Sugar!
Best Director Feature Romantic Comedy Jon Russell Cring The Night We Met
Best Director Feature Action Drama Scott L. Schwartz Changing Hands

Best New Director Short Film Sebastian Foxworth Unexplainable
Best Director Short Comedy Chris Capaci Marathon Mouth
Best Director Short Dramedy Local Rachel Albanese Lost & Found
Best Director Short Dramedy Mark Clauberg Hotel
Best Director Short Drama Kylie Garcelon Moral Compass
Best Director Short Documentary David Block Gift Horses
Best Director Feature Documentary, A.J. Mattioli Words
Best Director Short Musical Documentary Edvin Ortega Larger Than Life: A Boyband Story
Best Cinematographer Feature Drama Chase Bowman Turnabout
Best Director of Photography Feature Horror Sherry McCracken Bloodletting                                                    
Best Cinematographer Short Horror Tracy Nicole Cring Resistance
Best Cinematographer Short Drama David Tumblety Window Dressing

Best Actress Feature Thriller Becca Bishop Kidnapped
Best Actress Feature Drama Alice Ripley Sugar!
Best Actress Feature Dramedy Jensen Jacobs TRI
Best Actress Feature Comedy Sarah Joy Byington The Night We Met
Best Actress Feature Action Drama Kaylee Beth Dodson Changing Hands

Best Actress Short Dramedy Local Rosanna Consalvo-Sarto Lost & Found
Best Actress Short Comedy Anna Florence The Demo
Best Actress Short Comedy Local Tara London Doctors
Best Actress Short Dramedy Evangeline Young Red
Best Actress Short Drama Diana Durango By Blood

Best Actor Feature Action Drama Kevin Interdonato Bad Frank
Best Actor Feature Drama George Katt Turnabout
Best Actor Feature Horror Mark Barthmaeir Bloodletting
Best Actor Feature Crime Drama, Carmine Pannullo Crossing Bloodlines

Best Actor Short Dramedy Christopher Young Hotel
Best Actor Short Comedy New Jersey Kevin Connors Marathon Mouth
Best Actor Short Comedy, Peter Dobson The Demo
Best Actor Short Drama Ensemble Dan Grimaldi The Atlantic Motel
Best Actor Short Action Drama Thomas Randolph The Kill Club
Best Actor Short Drama Russ Camarda By Blood

Best Feature Drama Turnabout
Best Feature Action Drama Bad Frank
Best Feature Crime Drama Crossing Bloodlines
Best Feature Horror Bloodletting
Best Feature Dramedy TRI
Best Romance The Night We Met

Best Short Dramedy Basbousa
Best Short Action Drama The Kill Club
Best Short Dramedy New Jersey Unexplainable
Best Short Drama Window Dressing
Best Short Drama Ensemble The Atlantic Motel
Best Short Drama Student In Too Deep
Best Short Comedy The Bet
Best Animation The Family Blend!-Scoobeeman Begins   

Best Short Documentary Newark: The Comedy
Best Short Documentary The Forgotten Overbrook Hospital
Best Short Documentary Local The Great American Depression

Best Feature Documentary Land of the Legendary
Best Feature Documentary LGBT Cherry’s in Season
Best Feature Musical Documentary Hang on Sloopy: The Movie

Volunteer Award for Service to the Festival: Ursula Ryan

Screenwriting Competition Winners:
Feature Screenplay
1st: Resurrection by James Carroll
2nd: Lion of the Sea by Peter Israelson
3rd: Hell on Neptune by Robert Rogers

Short Screenplay
1st: U.S. Navy Cine-Kodak by Stephen M. Hunt
2nd: Chum by Henry P. Gravelle
3rd: The Mayflower by Shayna-Raye Funderburk   

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