Monday, October 10, 2016

The Magic Snowman Redux *IF YOU BELIEVE!*

"If you believe, you can hear him speak."

This is about the children's film "The Magic Snowman on Indiegogo". The original film was made in 1989 and distributed by Miramax Films & Buena Vista International.  Seen by twenty million children in the US alone the film was a holiday staple, a perennial story that remains as relevant and appealing for children today as it was twenty years ago.

The lasting power of the magic snowman is demonstrated through the continuous positive comments people have left on our Youtube, seen here:

Made from real snow, Lumi Ukko, the magic snowman was a product of the imagination of children-actors, and the crew making the film and lived in the imagination of the children watching the film.  However, with new filmmaking techniques Lumi Ukko can come even more alive, warmer, friendlier, and ultimately, more engaging in passing on his message to children that magic makes everything possible

In the REDUX version of the film, visual effects will be added to make him smile, wink, frown, laugh, cry, and have a myriad of other emotions to entertain and engage his young viewers. A new music score and a fresh re-edit will make the film more palatable for today's young audiences.

The original film was distributed only on VHS; this updated version will be available on Blu-Ray/DVD allowing for an unprecedented reach that will make the film available worldwide.

How You Can Help!

The goal of this campaign is to raise the necessary $50,000 to score, animate, and re-edit the film. Helping us make the film will help children across the globe.

The original Magic Snowman was endorsed by UNICEF and 3% of the proceeds were donated to the organization to help children worldwide and the commitment to UNICEF will apply to the Redux.  Your contribution to this campaign will make also make you virtual ambassadors for UNICEF and the organization's causes.

The Magic Snowman would be a wonderful Christmas gift. Let's make it happen!

We need your help: If you can't afford to donate, don't worry – there are plenty of other ways you can help. Please take some time to share our campaign across your social networks and encourage your friends and family to support. For more information, contact Pavlina Proevska on the below link,

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