Wednesday, October 12, 2016

VrTuo Interactive Smart Television Introduced Boasting a Suite of Original Networks

VrTuo Interactive Studios announced the official launch of the Company's new suite of smart television networks.  The consortium of networks are providing positive media influences to retail and closed circuit hosts of interactive media programming by VrTuo Interactive Networks.

The networks hosted at VrTuo Interactive Networks are made up of multiple genres of media choices.  The choices in media content to be provided are in the form of live events, recorded exclusive and non-exclusive content. The full network of 'VrTuo 'ALIVE' advanced interactive channel options will become available to the users this fall, engaging the audiences in creatively unique, fashions.

The new smart television suite of networks is the host to independently managed channel partners with productions focused on quality content creation and hosting. This in an effort to produce and establish again, the most advanced interactive media center ever provided to the public, through smart television or mobile streaming access.

The focus of the smart television suite of networks is to provide the parent Company SmartMed Plus Networks, LLC, with an advanced media reward system free to its members.  Members are using the interactive VrTuo 'ALIVE' program to choose from celebrity trainers such as Bryan Clemons, Jr.

'The network has built the model to where each channel partner is in-cooperation with award-winning-producers while maintaining full controlling ownership of their owned publishing. A never before luxury to any producer of media materials, at least typically in the case of when network television distribution is supported.

VrTuo Interactive is intended to have a direct impact to the efficiency of medical science in how it uses popular human influences in media, setting up positive mood enhancement to the unique users. This is a bottom line feature advantage to all members providing preventive health tied to human attachment in preventive care, which then becomes a fact of all members living a healthy lifestyle.

SmartMed Plus+ together with Vrtuo Interactive have created a health and wellness enhancement model simply using select positively inserted media influences as seamless rewards. This is intended to create positive social habits in common sense use of health and wellness mood enhancement and living well products.

SmartMed Plus provides individuals and families medical saving advantages in providing cost friendly unlimited access to U.S. board certified physicians that provide telephonic and online video consultations 24/7.

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