Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Family Deception - A young Women's test of loyalty

The story of Family Deception follows an 18-year-old girl being tested by her family to prove her commitment to the family crime business and if she's worthy of taking over for her father who died. Can she prove her loyalty to the family on all levels, even putting her relationship to the test?

Zane Morrow is a film director/producer currently residing in Los Angeles after growing up in Portland, Oregon. He wishes to continue telling stories in both an artistic way and to inspire others. He has created a Indiegogo campaign to make a film with budget $2,600 for the Location & the Permits, Production Design, Art Department, Special Effects, Stunts, Catering to feed the cast and crew, the costs in Post-Production, and Marketing & Distribution (Film Festivals).

Main budget is focusing on getting the locations we need and dressing them up to add an artistic quality to the film in order for our audiences to feel like they are there in the moment. Equipment is already provided by Relativity School so it's not a huge matter to focus on within our budget. Part of the budget will go towards getting the right amount of resources to make this short feel as real as possible. Investing will also help us to spread Family Deception nationwide and internationally at film festivals, alike. You will be just as big of a part in the making of this film as our cast and crew, and we will make sure you feel included.

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