Thursday, February 24, 2011


Filmmaker Jana Mattioli Currently on movie set in New York City and filming this summers new upcoming Comedy film “The Coffee Klash” Taking some time to sit with us and letting us snap a quick picture while being ogled by onlookers. We caught up with Mattioli who has been on the set that revolves around a NYC Café by day & transformed into a movie set by night. With lots of spectators and film crews running around surrounded by many lights and cameras, Mattioli was able to talk with us for a moment as we were eagerly waiting to find out more about “The Coffee Klash” and what better way than being there right in the middle of the all action. Pleased to say we were able to find out so much more about this new Hilarious Comedic film.
Stephanie’s mother Gayle (Emmy Winner Blanche Baker) is anything but laid-back. Though she loves her daughter, she often expresses it the only way she knows how-by completely micromanaging her life. Which is why this particular afternoon at the coffee shop might be tricky. After all, Stephanie (Wynn Van Dusen) has brought her mother here not only to tell her she’s a lesbian, but to introduce Gayle to her new girlfriend, Mary Ann (Samantha Artese).It quickly becomes apparent that Gayle’s problem isn’t really with her daughter being a lesbian…she just wishes she were a slightly more interesting one-and she could start by having a funkier girlfriend. Mary Ann’s sexual orientation doesn’t bother Gayle, but the fact that she’s a middle school teacher who wears Banana Republic cardigans seems severely disappointing. Gayle’s reaction to her daughter’s news isn’t exactly a surprise, nor is it what her daughter expected. Enlisting the advice of the coffee shop staff, Gayle must come to terms with the afternoon’s events, and try to set aside her judgments…sort of. “The Coffee Klash” will be released and out early summer of 2011. Produced by Mattioli Productions, Kevin Feustel, Kelly Feustel, Robert & Joyce Bronnerman, Steve Wolf, Andy Gause, Heather Harris along with Dreamcatcher Theatreworks. The funny film's talented cast stars Emmy Award Winner Blanche Baker as Gayle, Wynn Van Dusen as Stephanie, Samantha Artese as Mary Ann, Keith Collins as Jamie and Steve Wolf as Chase with many more special appearances.”The Coffee Klash” is directed by Jana Mattioli & written by Talia Gonzalaz and Bisanne Masoud. We look forward to seeing “The Coffee Klash” this summer. Sounds like one comedy wild ride not to be missed!!

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