Sunday, September 8, 2013

2013 Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival September 26th - 29th

   “HOT SPRINGS INTERNATIONAL HORROR FILM FESTIVAL” located at 1008 Central Ave in Historic Downtown Hot Springs, AR. Over a century the Central Theater has been home to movies, live shows, documentaries and more. Located next door is “The Grand Central Hall” and is the 2nd venue and stage area for the educational workshops.
Hot Springs National Park is the oldest in the national park system, 40 years older than Yellowstone National Park. Hot Springs is surrounded by 7 lakes & 43 “hot springs”. Hot Springs known as the “Valley of the Vapors” or the “Spa City”  is Americas first “National Park”. Central Ave’s “Bathhouse Row” and the “Mountain Tower” to “Hells Half Acre” (a public anomaly) the Spa City is currently host to museums, magic shows, art galleries, unique restaurants, antique shops, haunted & amphibious Duck Tours and much more. You can find out more on Hot Springs at:
The International Hot Springs Horror Film Festival or HSHFF is an independent film festival was conceived with the idea that “filmmakers know films and that edgy talented filmmaking will inspire, amaze and educate. We recognize and promote a variety of films in the “Horror” genre. HSHFF will screen and honor some amazing films in the horror genre, it’s fantasy and thrills mixed with intrigue and slashers will keep you on the edge of your seat.
The Festival is presented by the “Hot Springs Arts and Film Institute (a non profit).” Hot Springs Arts & Film Institute  supports special programs, independent film, related charities and educational events to connect film lovers and filmmakers. The Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival enthusiastically promotes a variety of films in Horror, Thriller, and Science Fiction categories.
The Festivalʼs Director Bill Volland (“The Arrival”, “Deadly Desire”, “Silk Stalkings”) will oversee the gore-fest, while Co-Director and Hostess Tamara Glynn (Samantha from “Halloween 5” and “Freddyʼs Nightmares”) will be on hand to welcome visitors and a slew of special guests. Shelby Elwood, David Merrill and The “Fuel Film Memphis” crew will help coordinate the insanity.

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