Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Psychopath:Mania" To Be Released Nationwide

Directed & Written by Geraldine Winters comes a sadistic Horror / Thriller “Psychopath Mania”. Starring Jason Prager (”Beauty And The Geek”), Bobby Max (“Clownstrophobia”), Keith Collins (“The Meat Puppet”,” Gravedigger”) & Sophia Sassoon (“Made In Chelsea”). This film delivers a raw psychological mind bending journey through and insane asylum filled with patients who fall victums to doctors malpractices.
Pyschopath Mania tells the story of the Banewood Asylum which houses the mentally ill who have become victims of unethical procedures and mad doctors. Patients have disappeared or been found dead under suspicious circumstances. Young women seem to be the victims most often of a medical staff who's methods hearken to the dark days of psychiatric treatments. The doctors like to use Psycho-Surgery to remove parts of their brains to quell the patients violent tendencies, at times turning them into little more than zombies, that become more violent than ever.

The film gets deeper into the world of these demented doctors and their patients who end up being guinea pigs for their own self-worth. We give the film "3" out of four stars & would recommend it to any thrill seeker looking for something unique in the horror genre.
Being released nationwide October 15th 2013 you can pre-order a copy on

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