Friday, March 27, 2015

Actress Chelsea O'Toole Signs To A.M.W Talent Agency

Chelsea O'Toole was recently brought on by the A.M.W Talent Agency for theatrical representation. Chelsea has been fiercely making waves as a young and ambitious actress whose tenacity can be seen in this recent partnership. A.M.W Talent Agency prides itself as being an entertainment firm of supreme business practices with a talent-oriented focus in Los Angeles, CA and has a reputation for building strong individuals who are creating acting careers, and not just 'jobs'.

O'Toole's excitment about the newfound relationship is nothing less than ecstatic. She and A.M.W are beginning to plan the next stages of her career and those plans couldn't have come at a sooner time. O'Toole is fueling her already recent success of a supporting role in the film “Maternal Bonds" and the lead in her self written webseries "MakeOver".

Chelsea shares that she feels the industry is moving in a positive direction despite the competition in the entertainment market which can prove to be jarring.  Always maintaining a sense of optimism and energy she says, “I'm here doing what I love to do”.

To add icing to the cake, O'Toole will also be the lead star in the re-boot of the sold out phenomenal show "Branson the Sitcom" this summer, which had nothing but positive reception. The sitcom pilot presentation debuted as a stage play last year in the LA area and has been bestowed the previlage of being apart of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, the largest performing arts festival in Los Angeles. People have praised it saying, “... this show was absolutely fantastic and I hope [it] gets viewed by many!"

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