Thursday, March 19, 2015

China Meets Hollywood at Hollywood Tribute 2015

Chinese actress Sun Qian [孙茜], from Beijing, China, recently attended Hollywood Tribute 2015 which was held on February 20th, 2015 at the MGN Five Star Cinema in Glendale, California. 300 plus guests including actors, producers, directors, and models such as Richard Tyson, Sharon Farrell, Alyssandra Snows, Bobby Drake and Aki Aleong attended this incredible cultural exchange hosted by Hollywood Tribute on behalf of US Business Enterprise Council and Wen Yu International Media Hong Xuan Ming Sheng Cultural Exchange Co. Ltd [中视玟羽国际传媒鸿轩铭晟文化交流有限公���]. Ms. Sun Qian [孙茜] and Chinese dignitary Mr. Yu, Yingjun[于迎军] were awarded with the Hollywood Tribute Award for their dedication and efforts into the sharing of culture. They have stated their appreciation and how they were honored to be a part of such an influential and cultural event between China and Hollywood.

Furthermore, previous attendee K-Pop Fashion Designer Jenifer Mok not only attended the exchange again this year but held a fashion show displaying her modern twist on traditional Korean clothing. Her unique designs were breathtaking as the audience applauded and were in awe of all the details, colors, and accessories.

The international guests also attended the Oscar Viewing Gala on February 22nd held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel with the other 900 guests. The next Hollywood Tribute will be held in China in May of this year.

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