Sunday, March 8, 2015

‘Birth As We Know It’ - Award winning documentary on Conscious Birth screens in Auckland

Could Peace on Earth begin at Birth?

‘Birth As We Know It’ - An award winning documentary on Conscious Birth screens worldwide on Sunday 8 March in conjunction with International Womens Day.

‘Birth As We Know It’ (2006, 73 minutes), directed and produced by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, is a stunningly beautiful film about natural birth. It delivers a powerful transmission of what it takes to give birth consciously and gracefully, and the potential positive ramifications of doing so for the entire human race.

Dedicated to conscious evolution and the creation of a thriving future social structure based on Love, Compassion and Common Sense, speaker, filmmaker and author Elena Tonetti Vladimira artfully uses multi-media to share this life-changing message with the world.

Since its release in 2006, Birth As We Know It has spread to 58 countries and without advertising or marketing has received global recognition as the most comprehensive guide to conscious birth. Already in its 8th edition, it has been translated into 14 languages.

In celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March, there will be a simultaneous worldwide screening of the film ‘Birth As We Know It’, including two screenings in Auckland, New Zealand.

Despite advancements in technology in the United States, statistics show that 90% of births are considered traumatic, and that 45% of these traumatic births are classified as severely traumatic. The birth experience has unconscious lasting effects on a human being for the rest of their life unless healed.

The birth experience, either positive or negative, automatically imprints an experience of life into the nervous system called a ‘limbic imprint’. The imprint of either joy or trauma will shape every belief and action of a person for their life to come.

There is overwhelming evidence that the cumulative volume of individual imprinting has been responsible for the violent history of humankind for thousands of years.

What if our birthing processes were to transform radically? Could this radically transform humanity? Director Elena Tonetti believes so.

All over the world, people love this film’s open invitation to transform Birth, to evolve as a species through birthing our young in peace, gifting them with the imprint of bliss and empowerment.


‘Birth As We Know It’ film screening Auckland Sunday 8 March 2015

‘Birth As We Know It’ worldwide international screenings Sunday 8 March 2015


‘Birth As We Know It’, directed and produced by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, is a stunningly beautiful film about natural birth.

Despite advancements in technology in many countries, maternity wards unwittingly often do not assure the well being of infants and their mothers.

Whatever our experience at birth and the first few days of life, the experience is imprinted into our nervous system as 'how life is'. If a baby experiences gentleness, peace, ease and harmony at birth, this experience will be imprinted into the nervous system as an experience of how life is, and has been shown to lead to a life of natural ease, happiness, health and joy.

By contrast, if a baby experiences trauma at birth or shortly after, eg. caesarean, forceps, inducement, premature birth, rough handling, separation from mother, adoption etc, this traumatic experience will be encoded in the nervous system as ‘how life is’, and will play out as a life of struggle, loneliness, abandonment etc.

Thousands of people have already experienced the profound effects of either a conscious natural birth or healing their own birth trauma. This could be one of the most profound healing works for the planet at this time.

The Birth into Being processes are used to:

- Consciously prepare oneself, partner and baby for a healthy conception, pregnancy and birth

- To heal one’s own birth trauma


Free podcast interview with Elena Tonetti on Conscious Birthing:

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