Monday, March 2, 2015

'The Nicole Barrett Show' spices up morning TV Talk with Legendary Stars, Icons, and History Makers

She's back! Nicole Barrett, Actress and Talk Show Host, kicks off a full season of 'The Nicole Barrett Show' on March 2, 2015, featuring in depth interviews, shocking revelations, laughs, tears and more with some of our favorite Legendary stars.

Backstage stories, great memories, tragedy and triumph, Nicole Barrett goes deep inside and gets the true story on what happened then- and where are they now. The conversations are often spirited and nothing is off limits.

During her six week trial run, Nicole sat down with Rev. Jesse Jackson to talk about the Ebola crisis and being the last person to speak with Dr, Martin Luther King, Jr., before he was assassinated. "We were...traumatized after he was killed," Rev. Jackson says of Dr. King.

Tippi Hedren gave Nicole a private tour of her wildlife preserve-Shambala, while dscussing in depth, what it was really like to work with Alfred HItchcock, and how rejecting his sexual advances cost her her career. According to Hedren, "He ruined my career. But, he didn't ruin my life."

In addition to: Shirley Jones (who proved she is no Mrs. Partridge), Lou Gossett, Jr., Stephanie Powers, Rich LittleFrances Fisher, Hal Linden, and many more, Nicole Barrett asked the questions audiences have been wanting to know for decades. In the two part Season Finale, Nicole sat down withKathleen Bradley, the first Black Spokesmodel on 'The Price is Right', who revealed the backstage secrets, sex scandals, and sexism of TV's most popular game show.

In the new season, it only gets better. Legendary Actress, Ruta Lee, joins Nicole in the season premiere to share stories on her career and also, what she thinks about the most talked about social issues... Do you think you know Ruta Lee? You might be surprised! Also, Actress, Victoria Rowell(who has since sued CBS) tells Nicole Barrett why she left 'The Young and the Restless' and will she return? Bernadette Stanis and John Amos from the cast of 'Good Times' share memories of the show and why they are truly a part of television history. Also, Bernadette responds to her connection to Kathleen Bradley, who is Stepmother to Bernadette's daughter. It's a HOT season, already! There will be many more Legends and many more stories on 'The Nicole Barrett Show'.

Tune in to 'The Nicole Barrett Show', Mondays at 7:30 a.m (CST) on KTXD-TV in Dallas/Ft. Worth!

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About Nicole Barrett

Nicole Barrett is a native of Dallas, Texas. A former Miss Texas Teen, Nicole was a Theater Arts major in College and has appeared on stage and in Feature Film and Reality Television. After a successful run as a talk radio host, Nicole Barrett made the transition to television discovering her niche with the Legendary Stars and Icons she has admired all of her life.

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