Saturday, March 21, 2015

Indie film to bring an unknown mythology to a worldwide audience

Helomedia Oy is producing a documentary film on Finnish folklore and mythology, and seeks a worldwide audience by providing the film in two different versions  - one spoken in native Finnish and another spoken in English. Principal photography has been completed on the heels of a record-breaking late 2014 crowdfunding campaign, and the film is currently in post production. Starring musician, songwriter and poet A.W. Yrjänä - from the band CMX - in the role of the presenter, both Mr. Yrjänä and Helomedia Oy are on a mission to introduce a little-known set of ancient beliefs, deities and traditions to a worldwide audience enamored with better known Norse and Greek mythologies.

The production team sees the film as a way to express their own respect for their pre-Christian ancestors, and presenter A.W. Yrjänä has a deep vested interest in the subject matter. The film is a passion project rather than a commercial one, and the grassroots nature of the effort is exemplified in the way it has gained recognition. As a result of a minimal marketing budget, publicity and demand for the film have been generated solely by an audience feeling a connection to the subject matter and wanting to spread the word.

“We’re relying on people who have seen the trailer and other released material, people who know what this film is heading towards, to spread the word”, comments producer Jenna Ruisaho of Helomedia Oy. “The grassroots recognition around the world has been overwhelming. People are genuinely not just interested in the mythology we’re uncovering, but they have actually seen glimpses of what we’re bringing to them and are even more excited for the film itself.”

The Hammer of Ukko is set for completion in late summer 2015, and its release is tentatively planned for autumn of 2015. Helomedia Oy is looking for partners in different markets to secure distribution to a wider audience.

Helomedia Oy, founded in 2014, is an indie production company based in Hämeenlinna, Finland, consisting of three full time employees. A.W. Yrjänä is an internationally recognized frontman of the band CMX, an author and poet, whose life’s work has always been inspired by Finnish mythology.

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