Friday, April 8, 2016

'Chasing the Star' Adds Even More Zest To Its Quest

"Chasing the Star" is being directed by Bret Miller from an original screenplay by DJ Perry, producing with Melissa Anschutz and Anthonus Hornus. The film is now in production with filming both in Arizona and Michigan.

Last week the three leads were announced. (Garry Nation, Randy Spence and Bello Pizzimenti) In addition to these leads, powerful supporting talent Anthony Hornus, Logan Kishi, McKenzie Kruse, Roy Allen III, Jimmy Doom, Johnny Rey Diaz, Amy McFadden and Alan Ehrlich have been added to the cast.

"Marketability is a factor, but power of performance is king - we take our selection of talent very serious." - DJ Perry, CEO Collective Development Inc.

It was also announced that agreements are closing with "Tour of Duty" star Terence Knox  and Yancy Butler of "Witchblade" fame. Also returning to the CDI fold will be "Bestseller" castmate Ralph Lister.

A great portion of the film will be shot in and around the deserts of Yuma, AZ. Meanwhile several sets will be built in Michigan. The 1st film in the series entitled "40 Nights," is now playing select theatres and will release to home video April 5th with Lightworx Entertainment.

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