Thursday, April 14, 2016

Second Official Trailer Released for Upcoming Film, "HOW TO BE A ROCKSTAR"

"HOW TO BE A ROCKSTAR" is a Docu-Drama Comedy following the trials and tribulations of lead characters DJ Korpserape, played by J. Shepherd and Tombass, played by Thomas Mayberry, on their roads to stardom. Nothing ever seems to go right for the duo. They are at constant odds with skeevy record label executive, Dick Slocum, played by Stephen Sterling and voiced by George Wilkinson.

The second trailer has a darker comedy feel as opposed to the first which seems to be more of a comedic thriller. In the beginning of the trailer, you can hear the camerawoman state, "I'm recording you... Just so you know," leading one to wonder what they could possibly be doing that they would not want to have documented.

The second trailer also has far less dialogue than the first and is probably the leading example of the most "F-Bombs" ever dropped in a movie trailer.

Neither of the trailers really give us much of a clue as to the storyline of the movie. Most of our descriptions about the movie come directly from the companies who made the film. Both trailers seem to leave the viewers puzzled. This seems to be the plan by the marketing departments of the companies involved.

There is no official release date as of yet, only speculation from individuals close to the project. The movie will be screened at several major film festivals this Summer (2016) so one could assume that the release date will be some time soon after.

This second official trailer leaves us with more questions than answers. I am anxious to see this movie. Watch the trailer below and I'm sure you'll be as intrigued as me. Use the share buttons to get the word out.

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Watch the Second Official Trailer now!

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