Wednesday, April 6, 2016


After numerous articles in European papers the production team for GRINDER has started adding foreign language subtitles to make their film more accessible to international audiences.
Triple threat, actor/writer/director, Brandon Ruckdashel’s debut film has picked up steam in recent months being named as one of the five most anticipated films of 2016 by Cromosoma X, Rainbow Barcelona, Manhunt Diario, and E Newspaper. Also on the list were films by directors Tom Hooper, Todd Haynes, Peter Sollett, and Justin Kelly.

Grinder is a film about Luke (Tyler Austin) a innocent teenager, in search of his sexual identity,
who leaves his abusive home in the suburbs for the promise of a modeling job in New York City. Once there he meets Rich, Jon Fleming (Dante’s Cove, Couple’s Retreat), an unscrupulous model agent and is dragged into the dark world of New York nightlife. Tim, Brandon Ruckdashel ( Co­Ed Confidential, The Lair, Changing the Game), a photographer who leads a double life is engaged to a young woman (Sarah Lazar). After meeting Luke he becomes obsessed, and tries to save him from his fate.
Grinder is a dark Psychological Thriller set amongst the grit of New York City. It is part Midnight Cowboy and part American Beauty.

Also appearing in the film are Jose Ramos, Jay Reum, Julian Gavilanes, and Joshua Dye.