Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Los Angeles, Calif-Based book publicity firm Hollywood Book Publicity Signs Author Tamara Loiselle

Canadian author and hero Tamara Loiselle has signed with Hollywood Book Publicity (www.hollywoodbookpublicity.com) at The Barrett Company LLC to introduce her forthcoming book CALLED TO COURAGE to the Hollywood creative community to be developed as a motion picture and / or television production.  Story is based on her heroic rescue of two fellow Canadians who were drowning in waters off Cancun, Mexico. HBP will develop a complete "treatment" of the book to be sent to film producers, TV programmers at movie studios, television networks and premimum cable TV channels as well as the emerging digital entertainment studios as well.

On the morning of December 29th, 2014, Tamara Loiselle awoke in Cancun, Mexico with an old Gaelic blessing floating through her mind. What followed, she could never have predicted.

An experienced triathlete, Tamara didn't hesitate to brave the violent waters when she heard the cries for help coming from two Canadian travellers caught up in the riptides and crashing waves. Despite her own fear of the ocean and past near-death experience in the water, Tamara found the courage to trust her own intuition and inner guidance, listening to that still, small voice within and diving into the ocean.

An impactful and emotional experience, the events of that day propelled Tamara on her own journey of self-discovery as the devoted mother struggled to understand the moments that led her to risk her own life to save two strangers. Her past took on a new light as it became apparent that she'd been preparing to answer this call since she was a child. This heroic story poses a question to each of us: what are you being called to do and are you ready to answer?

About Tamara Loiselle

TIME Magazine recently recognized Tamara as a Hero Mom of the Year after her daring ocean rescue of two strangers in Cancun, Mexico. That experience inspired her to write the book, a true first-hand account from her own perspective of the rescue and the inner journey that followed.

In October 2015, Tamara was awarded the Mountbatten Medal - the annual award for the most courageous rescue in the Commonwealth. Tamara is the 8th Canadian in history to receive the prestigious award.

Tamara has a Master's degree in Psychology and Counselling, and an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science. She is part-time faculty at Mount Royal University and is the President of Tamarack Strategies where she develops education and training programs and provides communications and facilitation services. In 2010, Tamara was awarded a Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal in recognition of her work with Aboriginal communities and the environment.

Books to Screen

"In many cases," said HPB founder and book, movie and TV publicist Charles A. Barrett,"an author seeks to have his or her book made into a movie or TV series. Authors who have no agent will waste of a lot of their own time by sending their books blindly to a studio, network or even a lit/talent  agent, hoping that someone will read it and get back to them with an option pact, or better yet, a screen rights buy. It never works that way here in Hollywood. A lot of care needs to go into a submission of a book for a movie or TV show to a studio or network...there is a defined, accepted way of submitting a book to producers and directors...and if it's not done properly - - the book will get lost."

"Hollywood Book Publicity at TBC has prepared several books for submission to select producers at film studios, networks, cable channels and on line studios as well. In the last year, several book projects represented by Hollywood Book Publicity have moved forward with development plans, including an option / buy and another sale at a major studio that involved Asian investors", noted Mr. Barrett.

Hollywood Book Publicity is a company at The Barrett Company LLC based in Hollywood/Los Angeles, California, serving authors and publishers, celebrities who have written their memoirs, entertainers featured in audio books and screen writers.   As a publicist, Charles Barrett of HBP has served such writer-producers as John Daly (Hoosiers, The Last Emperor, Platoon, Petersburg-Cannes Express, The Aryan Couple). HBP can be reached at 310-471-5764 or via infor@hollywoodbookpublicity.com  Web site is http://www.hollywoodbookpublicity.com

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