Saturday, November 28, 2015

East Side Story available at Redbox

East Side Story is a violent tale of drugs, money and sex as one man stops at nothing to become the top gangster in East Harlem. The urban actioner is available exclusively at Redbox nationwide.

In Harlem there's a mix of ball players, hustlers, street rappers and even those who dream of making a difference. But deep in the midst of this community, lies a thriving drug world and one man named Moe who wants to own it all. With the help of his crew and the approval of local thugs, Moe eventually finds himself on top of Harlem's toughest drug scene. But when things start to get more violent and real than he ever imagined, Moe is faced with a choice, either change his life or sell his soul. The story of Moe unfolds in East Side Story,

Released by Matabo Entertainment and MVD Visual, East Side Story is an original Team Hellgate production directed by DJ Big Stew. The film stars Malek Burns, Kevin Stewart, Nate Griffin, Natalie Gonzalez and Ron Boogie. An accompanying East Side Story soundtrack and book are also available.

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