Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hollywood production company is always seeking new faces

We need Singers, Actors, Models & Dancers to fulfill various roles," the producer says.   Reid says he is currently working on Fairfield Music Festival Movie.

(Mockumentary) A one day, outdoor music festival is held to help raise money to provide television closed captioning for the blind. Everything goes wrong, but they have the time of their lives. Picture SPINAL TAP meets WOODSTOCK.

Claude says "be a part of the next big movie."

The Producer says After the movie is complete he has other films that he will be producing as well.

"We are looking for talent who have never worked on a Claude Reid Production before.  If you have submitted your credentials to us in the past, please do not re-submit, we have you on our files and we will contact you, if we feel your right for a part in our film." The Producer says,  "Feel free to learn more about our current as well as future projects and don't forget to bookmark our site, provided at the link below," says Reid

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