Sunday, November 22, 2015

Interstellar Grand Diwali Premiere on HBO India

 Christopher Nolan is back on television with his creative best this time with his science fiction epic, Interstellar. Stay tuned for a grand Diwali premiere on November 8 that is surely to create fireworks on Hollywood movies TV channel, HBO India. The 2014 movie stars Mathew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway as the lead opposites with Michael Caine and Jessica Chastain in the supporting roles.

This 2 hour 49 minutes’ film tells the story of a group of astronauts who are on a journey to look for an alternative home where humanity can flourish. The path taken is a wormhole located near a Saturn moon that goes towards space that seems like a dream that may leave your eyes wide open. At the end of it, a cluster of planets greet the viewers while sitting at the edge of a black hole where time is running like never before.

Interstellar is the Diwali blockbuster Hollywood movie this year that will definitely not lead you into a black hole of disappointment. The long time wait is over as it is a great spectacle to cherish after a past debacle just like Lord Rama who comes off as a knight in the shining armour to gain a victory of good over evil. Riding on the new trend of Hollywood sci-fi movies on TV, this flickdelivers a sweet and sublime flavour with its true, happy ending when everything is set straight.

Story Follows

Interstellar is our blockbuster movie of the month that carries a story of Joseph Cooper (McConaughey), A NASA pilot and Dr. Amelia (Hathaway), a scientist, who go on with their fate sealed together to search for a new habitation where Homo sapiens can thrive. They make a group of four on the orders of the NASA Physicist and the father of Dr. Amelia, Dr. Brand (Michael Caine) to embark upon their mission.

The climax is taken over by Cooper’s daughter Murphy (Jessica Chastain) who has turned into a 23 year old to give an appropriate ending to a tale of survival and existence. She sifts through time in a desperate attempt to be reunited with her father who is far away in space. Interstellar first time on TV, is bringing back the era of time shifts that heightens the emotional drama traversing through it and going beyond the earth to an extraterrestrial world.

Nolan: The Director

Nolan’s power of imagination and fantasy truly captivates us as he was able to see things we would not believe and does a Steven Spielberg. He tries to achieve perfection through his directorial genius on the spur of the moment by capturing moments in a 70mm Imax format. The special effects are not a day spent at the computer graphics workstation. Only he has the perfection of running two stories parallel to each other, with one travelling at light speed and the other maintaining an earthly demeanour.

This space exploration epic has the beauty, brain and heart to give birth to a soul. The ambitious project keeps the record of a cosmic odyssey drifting away from relationships. The metaphysical film plays with love and quantum physics, two complex forces to which the characters surrender completely.

Watch the drama unfold at HBO India, Hollywood movies HD channel. Feast-in the double bonanza at 1 pm and 8 pm consecutively in case you cannot have enough. Visit timings and details

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