Wednesday, November 25, 2015

WORN - Award-Winning Screenplay Set for Film Production in Denver, CO

An award winning short screenplay entitled Worn is gearing up for production right here in Denver, Colorado. It is being directed by local filmmaker Stephen Mathis of Blue Frost Films, LLC, written by award winning screenwriter Jeffrey Blake Palmer and being produced by Carrie L. Gomez with Carrie L. Gomez Productions. This talented trio is excited to launch this new project. Worn is about a son’s relationship with his homeless father and the son’s last-ditch effort to get his father off the streets of Denver before moving to Seattle. It captures their day spent together that unravels the past and also mends some wounds. This screenplay takes the audience through this whirlwind day of emotion, excitement and leaves us till the very end to know if it was enough or not to transform their relationship for the better and finally get the father off the streets.  An Indiegogo campaign has been set up to raise funds for project that begins production at the end of November.

Click here to donate and for more information about this exciting award winning screenplay:,,

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