Monday, September 15, 2014

Black Label Filmworks Expands Slate

Black Label Filmworks Expands Slate: Adds “Behind Rebel Lines” by Seymour Reit

Hollywood, Calif.,
 August 27, 2014– Black Label Filmworks expanded its project slate with the intriguing story of Emma Edmounds, the Civil War Spy.  The production company won the rights to the story from the estate of the late, best-selling author Seymour Reit, best known for creating Caspar the Friendly Ghost.

“Seymour Reit was a prolific storyteller with more than 80 children’s books alone,” said producer Charin R Barone of Black Label Filmworks. “We really want to see the story he so eloquently tells about Emma make it to the screen and we are positive the viewing public will find her as fascinating as we do.”

Edmounds grew up in unsettling times. The Civil War had erupted and President Lincoln made an impassioned plea for volunteers. This plucky little lady cropped her hair, donned a man’s wardrobe and enlisted in the Union Army. Her exploits included becoming a slave, a peddler and a washerwoman. Cunning and a master of disguise, she risked her life to answer Lincoln’s call.

About Black Label Filmworks

Black Label Filmworks,   is dedicated to telling thought provoking stories that impact viewers lives using film, television and other digital platforms. BLF leadership share a history in visual and audio entertainment. Charin Barone worked with Norman Lear at Embassy Communications, spent time working with Columbia’s Television Comedy Development Dept. and rejoined Lear’s troupe at Act III. She also worked with Disney Studios and Turner Pictures. Leslie LaPage has a rich history in film, TV, music, videos, commercials and theatrical productions. She has worked with Black Entertainment Television (BET), HBO, Lifetime, MTV, Paramount and Nickelodeon.


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