Saturday, September 13, 2014

Daybreak's Own Productions, LLC Announces Upcoming Powerful Suspense Movie Entitled "Love Liv Or Die"

Dawn Alexis Anderson has done it again!  She has used her clever writing ability to pen the most unsuspected suspense feature film this year entitled Love Liv Or Die!

Olivia (Liv) Hollins appears at first glance to have everything going for her. She is a smart, classy, and sexy law student with a seemingly simple desire: a yearning for unconditional love. However, this is the one thing she is denied over and over again. As a result, Liv harbors several sinister secrets, masking them with her ambitious, driven personality.

Only rookie detective Hailey remains impervious to Liv's charm and is convinced of her guilt.  With no support from her fellow officers, Hailey enlists the help of another newbie, Grisella, a Forensics specialist, to prove her suspicions.  She battles wits with these two intelligent female officers (and another officer behind the scenes) and a grueling match it is!   Liv immediately becomes a suspect in a case of one of many murders but uses her considerable wit and charm to convince the investigating detectives of her innocence. Only rookie detective Hailey remains impervious to Liv’s charm and is convinced of her guilt. With no support from her fellow officers, Hailey enlists the help of another newbie, Grisella, a Forensics specialist, to prove her suspicions.  Essentially either Love Liv Or DIE!

Part of the proceeds of this psychological thriller will be donated to the research of child mental health and therapy solutions for victims of abuse and domestic violence. Become a part of this phenomenal movement.  You do not want to miss it!  Support our campaign as we launch the publishing and distribution of this mesmerizing story that will leave you breathless.  You can support us directly by clicking here!  Yes, even $1.00 can be donated.  For a limited time, the first 100 people to contribute to our cause/film will receive a small non-speaking part in the film as well as listing in credits.  For $350 or more contributed you will receive a non-speaking role in film as well as an invitation to our Premier Red Carpet event in NYC.  Awesome, huh?!  If you are unable to contribute financially please help us get the word out and share on your social media sites and websites.  You can email us to added to the mailing list to receive updates and messages from the producer.

A New York Times Best Selling Author (more than 30 years of writing) said this of Dawn Alexis Anderson's story line.  "From the start, let me say that the synopsis suggests strong potential for a saleable novel. The character of Liv will appeal to readers since her story seems to be from those true crime shows that successfully appeal to millions. You offer a scary, believable depiction of a killer."

"I wanted to show the ways abuse can affect a person even in a child.  It brings awareness to it and still enjoyable to watch," says Dawn Alexis Anderson.

Don't forget to click here  (  for more information about the project and also to contribute (even if it's just $1).  We have some great rewards listed on our campaign site (in addition to the above) for your generous contribution.

Dawn Alexis Anderson was born in Wilmington Delaware and is the mother of four wonderful adult children.  In 2004 she inked her first novel.  Dawn enjoys writing poetry, film, short stories and non-fiction.  Anderson is passionate, insightful, and speaks to the mind and heart of any audience.  Her self-confidence and competency will kindle the spirit of any person by inspiring them to go to the next level in life; despite his or her circumstances. She is excited about the filming in New York.  This film is expected to release early spring 2015. Help us make this happen!

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