Thursday, September 18, 2014

Screenwriter Celena Cipriaso’s New Screenplay SOBER CITY Performed as Part of Film Lab Workshop

The Asian American Film Lab (“Film Lab”) hosted a performance reading and workshop of Celena Cipriaso's new screenplay SOBER CITY on Thursday night.  Members of the Film Lab’s Actor Directory performed a reading of the piece, in which a group of diverse friends struggle to balance the thin line between drunkenness and sobriety in New York City, one of the biggest drinking cities in the world!  The cast included (in alphabetical order by actor name):

Kitty/Alana - B Bastian (

Flex/Handsome Actor/Doctor - Erwin Falcon (

Stage Directions/Marge/PR Lady/Bertha King/Nurse - Jennifer Betit Yen (

Liam - Jeremy Kuykendall (

Big Daddy/Actor/Father McFadden/Max/White Guy - John Newsome (

Alex - John Wu

Martin/Danny - Kevin Kreider (

Christa - Mallory Wu (

Davey - RG Lacoadola (

For more information on the actors:

For photos of the event:

The event took place in Manhattan and was open to the public. Film Lab’s next event, an Industry Spotlight program, will feature a panel on the Magic of Post Production.  Reservations can be made on the Film Lab website:

About the Asian American Film Lab

The Asian American Film Lab (Film Lab) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the promotion and support of gender and ethnic diversity in film and television through free monthly educational and outreach programming, the acclaimed annual 72 Hour Shootout filmmaking competition, and the brand new production arm, AAFL TV, founded by Jennifer Betit Yen (Film Lab's new tv series, FILM LAB PRESENTS, airs Wednesday nights at 10pm EST on NYCLife).  The Film Lab’s membership has grown to comprise professionals, artists and other talented individuals who all share the common goal of creating great film and promoting all filmmakers of color, with a focus on Asian Americans, and the visibility of their stories and characters in film and television.  The Film Lab is run under the direction of President Jennifer Betit Yen.  The Unfinished Works program is coordinated through Lorna Nowve.  Acting and Advisory Board members include Aaron Woolfolk, Edwin Wong, Daryl King, Aurora Betson, and James Kyson.

The Asian American Film Lab is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Directory membership and all contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. /

About "Unfinished Works"

The Film Lab's Unfinished Works program constitutes its longest running program, ongoing for 15 consecutive years.  Unfinished Works allows writers to workshop, in a structured and constructive environment, unfinished plays, screenplays and television scripts.  It also serves as a bridge between actors, writers and directors of color, particularly Asian Americans.  To submit your screenplay for a free reading and workshop, please email Lorna Nowve at with your name, email, telephone number, logline, synopsis, and a brief statement of why you feel Unfinished Works will be useful to developing and improving your screenplay.  Screenwriters are also encouraged to become a part of the AAFL TV production arm.  More information is online at

About Celena Cipriaso

Celena Cipriaso has written for ABC's All My Children and is currently co-writing with director/producer Diane Paragas of Civilian Studios the screenplays, Frozen, a story about the surrogacy industry in India, and Yellow Rose, which examines the issue of immigration in America. Her pilot "Evolved" was a Quarter-Finalist in the Creative World Awards, and her spec of The Walking Dead, "Little Children" was a Semi-Finalist in the Creative World Awards and also in the top 10% of the Austin Film Festival TV competition. As a playwright, she was member of Peeling, a Pan Asian autobiographical theater group, which produced her theater work throughout various venues in New York City and the Northeast. Outside of Peeling, her short plays "Salesgirl" and "Homecoming" were produced by Despina Theater Company, and "Lola" was licensed for performance by Inner Voices Social Issues Theater at the University of Illinois. Her most recent production will be of her shorts "Language Lessons" at Bindlestiff Studios in San Francisco and “Nanay” by ASquared Theatre Workshop in Chicago in 2014. She's also freelance journalist who has written for, BitchDraft, Arts America, Intel, Film Buff, and


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