Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Independent Filmmaker And Author Launches Another Gripping Fantasy: The Wolves Of Haltiala

 Robert's book, “The Wolves of Haltiala” is a fantasy novel that follows the heroic journey and love story of Halder Halvfin and Unni Brandrsdottr, as they and their kin, the Svean people of Uppsala, adapt and cope within their new surroundings in the southern reaches of Finland.

The Wolves of Haltiala is available for preorder on Amazon!

For more information, contact Robert Seppälä at 1-248-991-2779 or visit

“Robert Seppälä does a brilliant job at creating tension and suspense that has you clamoring to read more.” - LA HILDEN Best selling author of A Tudor Displaced (Destiny Series Book 3)

As a generation has already passed since the first Svean migration to Finland, complications arise when a young prince, Halder Halvfin finds himself in love with a young maiden during the Midsummer bonfire, Unni Brandrsdottr, whom has already been betrothed to the Tavastian prince, Sampsa of Hämeenlinna. Unni soon finds herself torn between the man she loves and her father, Brandr, King of the Eastfold. Determined to change her father's mind, all of Unni's attempts to reach him are beset by her elder sister, Båra.

Consumed by her jealousy and lust for power, Båra, leads her younger sister, Unni, into a dark forest and unto a hidden pool to commit the ultimate betrayal and seal her allegiance with the deadliest foe of the Tavastians and Sveans alike, the Mistress of Pohjola and Death Goddess, Loviatar, in return for regency over the Eastfold, Hämeenlinna, and the ancient forest of Haltiala. And as Brandr sends his bard, Eilifr, to accompany Unni home to her own wedding celebration, he finds the forest and all of its creatures within silenced, portending to some evil.

In Björkby, the day has come that Halder has both rued and longed for, to see the young maiden he loves once more, only to be wed to another. And as he and his father, Arnbjorn, king of Björkby, along with the great smithy of the north, Seppo Ilmarinen, row north up the Vanda å to attend Unni's wedding celebration in the Eastfold, they find only ruin and a ravenous evil no man has ever encountered before.


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