Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Spirit Creek Productions Announces The Completion Of The Short Film "An Exercise From Winter Count"

Spirit Creek Productions and RFA Productions have teamed up to make the short film "An Exercise From Winter Count". The film stars Native American actress Taysha Fuller ("Degrassi:The Next Generation") and is Directed and Produced by Robert Amico. The script is penned by Pamela Keith Ferguson. She is also Executive Producer through her Spirit Creek Productions.

The film is an excerpt from her feature currently in development: "Winter Count". A $20 million dollar feature film currently out to an "A list" director.

"An Exercise From Winter Count" is currently out to film festivals, and will make the rounds at film festivals shortly.

It is a hybrid mix of theatre and film about a young woman's struggle to claim her suppressed Native American identitiy. Triggered by the news reports of the 1973 Wounded Knee Siege at her ancestral home, her past haunts her as she longs to return home to be with her family.

For more information for this and other film projects contact: www.spiritcreekproductions.com

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