Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Africa’s First Afro Beat Dance Movie, “#TDMP: The Dance Movie Project” Takes to Indiegogo

Lexxistalking Production, a film production company based in New York City, announces the launch of an exciting rewards Indiegogo campaign for ‘#TDMP: The Dance Movie Project,’ a new drama film set in Lagos, Nigeria that is based on real life events about the richness of Africa’s dance culture, the dramatic prevalence of diabetes in Africa, and encouragement of African elders to nurture its youth’s natural born talents.

“I wanted to create an attention-grabbing story that shows the world what’s going on in Africa, particularly in countries like Nigeria where the prevalence of diabetes is on the rise. I also wanted to create a motion picture that would stimulate dialogue around the dance talents of African youths, particularly in ways that will exceed people’s preconceived notions about Africa. When completed, #TDMP will be the world’s first Afrobeat dance film.” – Alexander “Lexx” Ore, Creator of #TDMP: The Dance Movie Project.

The project originated from Lexx’s love for dance and filmmaking coupled with his interest in creating diabetes awareness initiatives, has since grown into a motion picture film that will feature numerous major professional actors and dance artists, who have laid the groundwork for ‘#TDMP: The Dance Movie Project.”

The intention behind the crowdfunding goal of $80,000 is to create a project that gives dance fans and advocates of diabetes prevention, a motion picture experience they have never seen together before. Lexxistalking Production launches the Indiegogo campaign with a proof-of-concept behind-the-scenes video that showcases the style of dance effects that will be seen in ‘#TDMP: The Dance Movie Project.’

Having spent $20,000 on the #TDMP so far, Lexxistalking Production has decided to turn to the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to finance the continued development of ‘#TDMP: The Dance Movie Project’ and give its financial backers access to exclusive rewards. Therefore, in exchange for supporting the project, backers can choose from rewards or perks including tickets to attend the VIP movie premiere and other exclusive premiere events, onscreen credit, a digital download of the film, the option to travel to Africa, a chance to join the team as an associate producer, opportunity to be included as an extra in the film and many more.

“#TDMP: The Dance Movie Project is a story about how far someone will go to share their creativity with the world,” says Alvin Moonesesar, Associate producer for #TDMP. “The movie will cultivate public awareness of the rich dance arts culture in Africa, and it will also be the beginnings of a movement to inspire public health change. Right now, Lexx and I have numerous professional dancers and actors signed up to create #TDMP, but a successful Indiegogo campaign will allow us to obtain additional necessary equipments, hire a few more professional artists and additional visual effects team for the movie.”

#TDMP: The Dance Movie Project, is a unique opportunity for dance fans, lovers of everything AFRICA, and diabetes awareness supporters around the globe, to band together and create a motion picture that expresses why the arts and diabetes prevention is so important to so many of us.

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